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Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century • Jeff Lawson • Harper Business • 304 pages • ISBN: 978-0063018297 • $32.50 / £25   

When you think about what makes the user experience of Uber, Netflix or your favourite grocery delivery service so good, you probably think about startups, disruption and smartphones. But as The Lean Startup author Eric Ries points out in the introduction to Ask Your Developer, APIs from Twilio are what actually make a lot of those experiences work. And if you want that kind of transformation inside your own organization, you should, well, ‘ask your developer’. 

Named after Twilio’s quintessentially Silicon Valley billboard on the freeway into San Francisco, this is really a book about the benefits of developer culture for people who are never going to write a line of code. 

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If every business is a technology business these days, then getting digital transformation right requires better communication between the employees who understand and create your technology and those who run your business. You can either ask your developers what services you should be buying, or deal with them making their own decisions about services and APIs, and putting them on